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Greenback 2.0 will be officially presented in Montreuil on October 28, during a meeting organized by the World Bank in partnership with the City of Montreuil and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

The meeting will allow key stakeholders - representatives of migrant communities, entities working with migrants and market players - to exchange views on the topic of remittances and identify action to be implemented in Montreuil.

On Friday October 10, we reported on the activities Project Greenback 2.0 to the World Bank Global Remittances Working Group. Here the slides (in pdf).

On September 24, 2014 we organized the first workshop on “Migrants meet providers” in Turin. Poste Italiane was the first company to present themselves and their financial products and remittance services to migrants sending money home. The series of workshops will give migrants an opportunity to meet different types of service providers and discuss with them their needs.

The summer of Project Greenback 2.0 has been full of activities. In the context of cultural and sport events supported by the World Bank “Challenge Fund”, during this early summer there has been a lot of buzz about remittances. The Project Greenback 2.0 stand has been moving arond and migrants have been involved in our “Remittances Crash-Course” and encouraged to become well informed senders.

The World Bank published the Greenback 2.0 Report "Migrants' Remittances from Italy".
The Report illustrates the findings of a survey which investigated the demand side of the remittance market in the city of Turin, collecting 480 in-depth interviews of migrants. The survey aimed at describing the economic and financial profile of migrants. Specifically, it investigated the interconnected dimensions of financial

On May 20, 2014 the World Bank, in collaboration with Banca d’Italia, organized the first workshop “Evolving financial profiles: migrants’ financial behaviors and needs”. Branch managers, general managers, and general directors of banks and financial institutions participated to the workshop, which aims at discussing with them strategies to achieve financial inclusion. The course was attended by representative of over 20 banks.


The World Bank is supporting initiatives aimed at educating and informing migrants in Turin, Italy on remittance services, developing solutions for transfering remittances closer to migrants and their families' needs and value-added services, and any other initiative responding to the objectives of Project Greenback 2.0.  The Challenge Fund is open to all entities and individuals.

On Saturday, April 12 the World Bank organized the first Remittances City Tour in Turin. The participants visited locations where financial services and other services particularly directed to migrants are offered. A “flash course” on sending money abroad was also provided by Project Greenback 2.0 team.


The World Bank has developed a training program for staff of nonprofit organizations on remittances and financial inclusion of migrants in Turin. The course is open to associations, organizations or individuals who provide services for migrants and wish to increase their knowledge on financial inclusion, and financial and money transfer services and then make it available to the users they serve.

The World Bank published a brochure to inform migrants in Turin on the importance of the exchange rate when transfering money abroad and explain how to compare the rates offered by different providers. Download the brochure here (in Italian).