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Berat, Albania: Greenback Remittance Champion City

Berat has been the city selected by The World Bank and the Bank of Albania to implement Project Greenback 2.0.

In the context of RPP (Remittance Payments Programme) Albania, Project Greenback serves as a tool to achieve the overall goal of promoting cost-efficient access channels and instruments for disbursing international remittances.

Through the direct involvement of local authorities and remittance service providers, it seeks to address the specific payment and financial needs of the recipients of remittances in Albania, including through awareness and financial education.

BoA identified Berat explicitly as a recipient city with a heavy international remittance inflow and as a corridor with potential in moving away from cash-based and towards electronic instruments.

In Berat is also located BoA’s Training and Research Centre where financial education programmes and activities are promoted.