Name:Western Union
Type:Money Transfer Operator
Data collected on:Dec 05, 2023
Note:In this case, the number +318000228781 directly sent me to the customer service of Western Union in the Netherlands. I asked the same questions as usual, FX rates and the transfer costs, but what I found striking is that the answers I receive so far about transfer costs aren't always the same. In this case, I called +318000228781 and the agent told me the following: that if I want to send 12 Euros by creditcard to Morocco, that it would cost me 12 Euros. I asked whether the amount would matter - so if I would send for example 140 or 345 Euros, but he told me that the transfer costs will remain the same. I asked a couple of times: so it's 12 Euros for transfer costs, whether I would send 140 Euros or 345 Euros wouldn't matter? And he confirmed it two times.