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Survey on de-risking

The World Bank is pleased to announce the launch of an important survey on the phenomenon of de-risking in the area of remittances and invites all the banks, money transfer operators, and commercial entities interested in the survey to submit their request to participate.

In the last few months the World Bank, experts and other civil society groups have noted increasing anecdotal reports of banks’ de-risking activities, including in relation to MTOs that provide international remittance services. Such evidence is currently not backed by substantiated, verified, and comprehensive data on the drivers and the effects of this phenomenon. For this reason, the G20 has asked the World Bank to perform a survey of the 19 member countries (excluding the EU) to collect data on the key drivers and outcomes of these de-risking activities, specifically as they may affect international remittance flows. This survey will include the perspectives of MTOs, banks, and national governments in the selected countries. Each participant will answer a set of common questions and also complete some more specialized questions geared to their particular perspectives.

The above data will be used by the World Bank for the production of a comprehensive report on the impact and drivers of the phenomenon in the G20 countries. The ultimate goal of this project is to gather relevant data on the de-risking phenomenon and continue our work to find a global solution to this critical problem.

For additional information on how to participate to the survey, please contact us at